NFT collectibles game where avatar build meets art

World’s favorite pixel art avatar maker goes NFT. Design your crypto avatar, turn it into NFT and get infinite rewards!

How does it work?


Create your pixel NFT avatar

We have separated our fun avatar constructor toolkit into a series of three. Once you select between the Essentials, Originals and 8bit Specials series, go ahead and create your masterpiece. Each avatar you design cannot be reproduced and will always remain 100% unique, 100% yours, 100% crypto collectible



As soon as you finalise the design of your artwork in the 8biticon pixel art avatar maker, it becomes an NFT. This means that it gets forever stored on the Ethereum blockchain and can be transferred, gifted, sold or kept as part of your 8biticon pixel avatar collection.


Collect constant rewards

Each digital collectible you create consists of elements like mustache, glasses, face shape and more. Since all avatars that you construct are unique, you will claim rewards for them. Whenever someone buys the glasses, the mustache or any other element that you have, you will be rewarded with an 80% of the amount of the price increase distributed evenly among other players holding the same element. Thrilled? Find out more in our manifesto here. Pretty WOW for a game and an NFT avatar maker, right?

Get infinite rewards!

The logic is simple. Your NFT avatar is made out of elements that make up its look. Every element has a price and once you buy it, the price goes up. This is where your rewards come into play, as 80% of the amount of subsequent price increases will be distributed among the existing element holders.


For Example:

So if Mr. Nakamoto buys an avatar that wears the same hat as yours, you and other holders of the same hat get 80% of what he paid for it minus the minting price. Mind you, the price he pays will be higher because Mr. Nakamoto increases the demand for this element. Then comes Mr. Ver and loves this same hat so much that he also claims an avatar with it. This time, the 80% from what he pays less the minting price will be distributed between you and Mr. Nakamoto and others who own the hat.


Do keep in mind though, that you stop receiving rewards as soon as you transfer your NFT avatar to someone else!


How is the price formed?

The 8biticon NFT avatar’s market price is based on two main pillars. First comes the minting price, which is then accompanied by the demand adjusted markup. Since all transactions on blockchain imply a small fee and NFT being a smart contract, it is only natural for the costs to exist when a new crypto avatar is being minted with the token. Therefore, this is what the price is made of…

Minting Price + DAM = Market Price

Minting price:

Covers all expenses related to the service and includes: avatar development, art, hosting, CDNs, storage and smart-contract’s functionality. This cost is applicable when you purchase all art related elements for the first time.

Demand adjusted markup:

Alters the element’s price based on how many times it has been purchased.

DAM allows us to create a market within a market, fuelling an internal organic price increase based on the demand.

Too good to be true?

It pays to be the first in
the 8biticon NFT game!

Start creating!